Embrace Your Shamanic Awakening

Forge a Profound Connection with Your Audience through Visionary Web Design and Marketing"

Shaman Perry blends shamanic teachings blend powerful ancient wisdom with modern technology to help you tap into your true potential. Break free of ancestral traumas and let your inner light shine!

 How to we do this?? 

 By helping business owners create engaging websites and marketing strategies that align with their most authentic self.’ So if you’re ready to go on a powerful journey of self-discovery and create a profound ‘ceremony’ for your life and business , it’s my honor and pleasure to guide you every step of the way.

Are you ready to step into your truth?

Meet Shaman Perry


At the core of our shared adventure is an electrifying blend of timeless shamanic wisdom and dynamic modern technology. This is how Shaman Perry propels you along this path of profound transformation:


Hey Bright Soul, 

I’m Mike, known to many as Shaman Perry, and I invite you to place your trust in a remarkable journey of self-belief and empowerment.

My path was carved amidst adversity, within a family history shadowed by trauma. Yet, it was precisely these challenges that unveiled my purpose – to be a beacon of change, breaking the chains of generational pain, and paving the way for healing and growth. My journey from darkness to empowerment was no small feat, marked by a pivotal moment of reckoning beneath the moon’s gentle gaze by Lake Huron. However, it was during this profound moment that I discovered my innate intuition and tapped into the boundless healing energy of the universe.

This awakening catapulted me forward. Meditation became my sanctuary, allowing me to reconstruct my life from the inside out. It ignited a trust within me, guiding me back to education and leading me toward the path of shamanic wisdom, inspired by the teachings of Michael Harner’s “The Way of the Shaman.” These experiences not only healed my wounds but also endowed me with the wisdom and expertise to facilitate healing in others.

In 2000’s Me and some friends opened a book shop in Cincinnati, Ohio Called min(d) of Earth Books and Gifts. Once the shop was open, then came the challenge getting people in the door LOL. That’s journey is what lead me to learn website deign and marketing. While i am building you the website you have always dreamed of. We create a  for you a ceremony to step into your power and purpose. with out feeling like an imposter in your own skin. 

I am here to be your trusted guide on this remarkable voyage, and to share the practices and revelations that have been instrumental in my healing. Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking the doors to a life brimming with purpose, empowerment, and profound fulfillment. Assisting you on this path is my deepest commitment.

Come, journey alongside me, and together, let’s transform your challenges into stepping stones toward the most extraordinary version of yourself. With me as your steadfast guide, stepping into your power and embracing the bright, beautiful soul that you are meant to be isn’t just a possibility—it’s an inevitability.

With unwavering trust in you, Mike “Shaman Perry”

"Unlock Your Inner Wisdom: Master the Skills, Strategies, and Tools to Embody Your True Essence and Forge Authentic Connections with Your Audience"

Shamanic Healing

Experience the Power of Shamanism
Realize your inner calling and engage in a journey of self-discovery.Use Shamanism to resolve blockages that hold you back.
Learn how the shamanic tradition of reverence for earth temples, establish close connections with sacred elements which gives you energy and peace.
Unblock, clean. and transmute unwanted energy patterns, retrieve energies that were lost in difficult times and rejuvenate mentally
Attract positive flow of Love through healing, while fasting unwonted thoughts, improve behavior patterns and lift and empower emotional health and wellness
Find qualities in the form of animals to further self-reflect and gain earnest self capacity.
Encourage innate visionary prowess and the inner sight of understanding the holistic picture.

"Empower Your Passion: A Holistic Web Development & Meditation Guide for Small Business Owners"

Embark on a unique journey to create or transform your digital presence, guided by the ancient wisdom of the Medicine Wheel. Our exclusive offer blends the timeless principles of harmony, balance, and interconnectedness inherent in Indigenous cultures with modern website development strategies. Experience a comprehensive approach that respects the cycles of life and the seasons, mirroring these natural rhythms in the creation of your digital space.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Visionary Planning for Entrepreneurs: Initiate your journey with goal-setting and strategic planning sessions inspired by the East quadrant of the Medicine Wheel. Enhanced with meditation guides, these sessions are crafted to help you overcome mental barriers, setting a clear and purposeful direction for your online presence.

  • Creative Design with Intuitive Insight: Drawing from the South quadrant, our design phase now includes meditative practices to ignite your creative spark and ensure your website authentically represents your passion and services. Experience a design process that resonates with your brand’s soul, making it visually compelling and deeply connected to your mission.

  • Holistic Web Development for Growth: As we embark on the development phase, reflecting the principles of the West quadrant, you’ll receive meditation guides focused on resilience and alignment. These practices are designed to keep you centered and motivated, ensuring the technical realization of your website supports your business goals and personal well-being.

  • Strategic Launch & Sustained Success: Aligned with the wisdom of the North quadrant, our approach to launching your website is complemented by meditation sessions aimed at attracting prosperity and embracing new beginnings. Benefit from ongoing support post-launch, including performance analytics and maintenance, alongside meditative practices to navigate growth and change with confidence.

Exclusive Bonus for Small Business Owners:

  • Digital Strategy Session with a Holistic Twist: A specialized session to align your digital strategy with your business’s heart and soul, augmented by meditation techniques to enhance decision-making and connection with your target audience.

  • Harmony & Breakthrough Follow-Up: Post-launch check-ins to ensure your website’s performance and energy continue to match your evolving business needs, supported by customized meditation sessions to tackle any emerging challenges.

  • Tailored Meditation Guides for Entrepreneurs: Receive meditation guides specifically designed for small business owners, focusing on breaking through barriers to success and fully receiving the experiences you desire in your business journey.

Step into a world where your small business’s digital presence is not just seen but felt. “Empower Your Passion” is more than an offer—it’s a commitment to support small business owners in sharing their unique services with the world, underpinned by a foundation of personal growth, clarity, and resilience.

This offer caters to the heart and hustle of small business owners looking for a comprehensive, spiritually aligned approach to digital success, seamlessly blending professional web development with personal development tools to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship with grace and impact.